Rainwater Harvesting


Save up to 50% of your water demand with a Rainwater Harvesting System from IRVING Plumbing.

Rainwater harvesting systems allow you to catch the rainwater that falls on your roof and store it in a tank below ground ready to be pumped back into your house for non potable uses. Non potable or non wholesome water means non drinking water.


Rainwater harvesting can be used for toilets, washing machines, outside taps and gardening.

The water that comes out of our taps goes through a long and expensive process before it gets there ready for us to drink. The problem is more than half this process is wasted money and time (which we pay through our water bills) because most of the water isn’t drunk!

Around 30% is used for flushing toilets
Around 15% is used for washing clothes
Around 10% is used for outside taps (gardening and car washing)

A rainwater harvesting system could take care of all of this and save you up to 50% of your water demand.


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