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At Irving PHG, we recognize that the cornerstone of any skill lies in grassroots training. Our journey began with a transformative three-year apprenticeship at Fairfield College London in 1989, leading to the prestigious craft certificate in Plumbing from the City & Guilds Institute London, specializing in process, system, and industrial studies. Our dedication to excellence extended into the realm of gas work, with accreditation first through Corgi and, since 2009, with Gas Safe Register. We prioritize ongoing training in energy efficiency and boiler manufacturer courses to ensure a thorough understanding of the products we supply and fit. Whether it's installing taps or transforming entire bathrooms, from bespoke high-end projects to local authority estates, our commitment to a standard of excellence remains unwavering. This standard not only drives our pride and reputation but also instills a profound self-belief in our ability to make a valid contribution to the industry after three decades of evolution and training across various sectors.

Company Values

Integrity -                  

The highest ethical values       
Mutual Respect        

Trust in our working relationships    

Open, consistent and two way      

People, cultures, and ideas   
Continuous Improvement 

Development and learning in all we do


Encouragement to challenge the status quo

Meeting our commitments to one another

At Irving P.HG., we navigate the diverse marketplace with precision, specializing in new build contracts, refurbishments, private domestic projects, and servicing letting agents, among others. Our expertise guides emerging developments within the industry, ensuring innovative solutions are seamlessly implemented. Recognizing the finite nature of fossil fuels, we embrace the future of renewable technologies such as Solar, Ground Source Heat pumps, Air to Air, and C.H.P's. It's imperative for us to stay ahead of industry trends, which is why we prioritize ongoing energy efficiency training and certification. We eagerly collaborate with manufacturers of these transformative technologies, dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions that align with our commitment to environmental stewardship and the well-being of future generations.

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