The basis of any skill is the training at grassroots.

A 3-year apprenticeship at Fairfield College London in 1989 paved the way for the craft certificate in Plumbing of City & Guilds Institute London to be awarded for process, system and Industrial Studies.
Experience gained working within the Capital for a respected company taught valuable lessons that to this day are still immeasurable.
From Civil buildings to Local authority estates one thing presides over the enterprise of any manual work, regardless of size or type, cost or time.
A standard applies.
This standard allows pride and reputation to follow and a self-belief that a valid contribution to the industry after 20 years evolving and training in its various sectors is being achieved.

Company Values

Integrity -                    The highest ethical values       
Mutual Respect -        Trust in our working relationships    
Communication  -       Open, consistent and two way      
Diversity -                   People, cultures, and ideas   
Continuous Improvement -

                                   Development and learning in all we do


Innovation -                Encouragement to challenge the status quo
Teamwork -                Meeting our commitments to one another

Facility within the diverse marketplace such as new build contracts, refurbishment, private domestic and letting agents to name but a few give direction to enable new emerging developments within the industry to be implemented.
As we are all aware fossil fuels can not last forever, new renewable technologies such as Solar, Ground Source Heat pumps, Air to air and C.H.P's are the future if we are to sustain the lives we lead.
Irving P.HG. are keen to keep up to date with the changing industry.
As a result, energy efficiency training and certification are held with the view of further training with the appropriate manufacturers of these new, world-changing technologies.