Professional Installation

Irving P.H.G 

Our fully coordinated installation service saves you valuable time

Our installers are full-time professionals with high standards of workmanship who are committed to getting the job done as within the quoted timescale both efficient and effective.

Throughout the years Irving p.h.g has assembled skilled individuals to carry out specialist aspects to his/her trade resulting in a perfect conclusion in all areas under one fixed cost and managed by ourselves.
Work alongside trusted professionals in their own fields permits an outstanding finish to any project.






Irving P.H.G

Carbon Monoxide
 Avoid the worst. Put safety first.

All gas appliances in your property need to be safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually and serviced according to manufacturer’s instructions. Any appliance left unchecked could leave you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, fire or explosion. It’s an extremely good idea to have your gas appliance serviced at the same time as having a gas safety check, every year – and it’s law if you’re a Landlord. 

The engineer will undertake a gas safety inspection of your property checking all gas appliances for safe use; the gas meter and pipework for leaks and correct installation according to Gas Safe regulations. 

It takes less than an hour and costs less than a meal out with friends.

It could just save your life. Call Today.