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Property Health Check

The recent data, compiled by Gas Safe Register, which has

inspected just under 100,000 homes in Great Britain in the

last three years found that one in six homes - the equivalent of 4.28 million households - had an unsafe gas appliance.

Appliances in one in 25 homes were immediately dangerous and if left unchecked were at risk of causing a gas fire, explosion, leak or carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.


It may come as a surprise to most homeowner / Landlord's that the annual Cp12 Gas Safety certificate carried out by Gas registered engineers does not legally entail the service (cleaning) of the gas central heating boiler only the vital safety checks laid out by the Gas Safe Register. Although these checks ensure the safe working they do not prolong the life of the boiler which in turn can result in an inefficient appliance arising to costs for future parts.

Nearly all boiler manufacturers recommend that the appliance is serviced once a year by a Gas registered engineer.


Irving p.h.g offers a simple uncomplicated package for the annual boiler servicing and gas safety check for all gas appliances within the property as well as the gas meter and gas pipework within your property.


Not just boiler cover


Also within your property - plumbing, gas, heating and drainage are covered by unlimited free call outs to problems, all for a fixed 0% interest monthly fee of just £13.00.

What's more unlike other homecare covers there is no excess to pay.


There is only one type of cover comprehensive so there is no need for confusion.




You receive

The annual servicing/cleaning of the gas central heating boiler.


The annual gas safety certificate (cp12).


Gas safety check on all gas appliances within the property including the gas pipework and the gas meter. 


Appliance checks :


  • It is correctly set and adjusted to ensure the gas is burning correctly

  • It is of a type suitable for the room in which it is located

  • It is physically stable, securely fitted and properly connected to the gas pipework

  • There is an adequate and permanent air supply suitable for the appliance type installed

  • Any flues or chimneys are operating correctly

  • All safety devices function correctly

  • No leaks on pipework system or gas meter.

  • Emergency control shut off is operational


Free call outs throughout the year in relation to gas, water, drainage and heating problems within the property.*


No call centres, all enquiries are dealt with on a one to one basis either with the engineer or the office manager.


No hard sell or junk mail. No Excess payment.


Some national companies will deem an appliance out of their terms and conditions and will condemn.

Irving p.h.g will work to your best interests on all occasions.


Simply click on the button to request an information pack.


Please do not forget to forward your address details.

Rest assured that no third parties will be in touch and no marketing other than that requested shall be received from Irving p.h.g.


*For a comprehensive simple approach that automatically reminds you of your annual gas safety requirements please find out exactly what is covered, when and for how you can spread the cost by clicking t&c at the navigation bar.


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